Palletizer: Skillfully palletized. Perfectly transported.

Enormous design capability combines special competences from steel and mechanical engineering with intelligent control technology. With a large number of parallel running movements the palletizers create homogeneous, sensitive flows to handle the packaged goods precisely even at maximum capacity and not unnecessarily stress them. 

Palletizing systems for all industries

The Möllers Group's high capacity palletizers have been known worldwide for over 65 years for their unrivaled robustness, reliability and maximum performance. The palletizing machine range meets the requirements of almost all industries.

Palletizing machines and palletizing robots of the first league 

The palletizing systems are switchable to different pack- and pallet formats and can be seamlessly integrated into automatic workflows. They function in an energy-saving manner, with low noise and fulfil their task with high availability.

Core competence layer palletizing

Möllers Group guarantees maximum secure transport through the formation of stable load units and thus ensures greatest resistance in harsh goods transport worldwide.

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