The compact space wonder: the PHS- palletizer 

In confined space situations the 2in1 palletizer is recommended. With its maximum application flexibility it dispenses with additional conveying structures when it combines palletizing and stretch hooding in a single machine.

A concept with vision 

The space-saving combination of two core technologies in one machine without additional conveying structures is trendsetting. With the know-how and the experience from both technologies the Möllers Group is developed a machine with two components which meet the greatest demands: The low level modular palletizer stacks goods in a stable and secure manner in any desired pallet format. The integrated automatic transverse stretch hooder wraps at the end of the palletizing process with lowest film consumption  and high efficiency - for a secure load. 

Sustainably reducing costs

With the concept of the 2in1,combining palletizing and load security at the same spot, additional conveying lines and technology are dispensed with, energy consumption is significantly reduced and the whole plant is operated via a single control system.

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Your Benefits

  • No pallet transport necessary between palletizing and wrapping  
  • Flexibely employable for wide a range of goods, pallet- and film types
  • Optimal performance with low energy consumption 
  • Greatest load security – reduced film consumption 
  • Ergonomic operation: Maintenance tasks are performed from floor level
  • Safety advantage: fewer maintenance tasks and downtime

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Head of Sales | CSO

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Technical details


  • Patent EP 2258618


  • PHS 400 
  • PHS 800  

Technical Data

  • Load width max. 1200mm 
  • Load length max. 1400mm 
  • Loadheight 800 - 2600mm 
  • Film thickness according to customer wish 
  • Film type PE side-gusseted tube

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