History of the Möllers Packaging Technology

  1. 1952

    Establishment of company

    Establishment of Maschinenfabrik E. Möllers KG, Beckum. The range comprises conveying- and loading systems.

  2. 1956

    Partner to the cement industry

    Development of bag loading machines for the cement industry.

  3. 1958

    The headquarters takes shape

    Start of the newbuild of today's headquarters of the Möllers Group on Sudhoferweg in Beckum.

  4. 1963

    Loading of goods trains

    Development and delivery of the first large bag loading systems with platform carriages for continuous loading of complete goods trains.

  5. 1968

    Secure transport through shrink technology

    The demand for automatic sack palletizing from industry grows. The Möllers Group begins with the development of pallet-shrink technology for economic transport security.

  6. 1973

    Pioneer: Presentation of the palletless shipping unit

    Presentation of the prototype of the palletless shipping unit according to the counter hood shrink system at ACHEMA in Frankfurt/Main.

  7. 1974

    Step across the big pond

    Establishment of Möllers Corporation of America in Grand Rapids, Mich./USA.

  8. 1980

    The Group grows

    Establishment of affiliate companies in England and France; expansion of the product range through participation in Greif-Velox, Lübeck (specialist in weighing-, dosing and filling technology).

  9. 1985

    We celebrate the 100th

    delivery of the counter hood shrink system®.

  10. 1987

    Future orientated stretch hooding technology

    Möllers offers a new, low-cost system for securing pallets in the form of the trailblazing stretch hooder process. It uses thin film which is flexible when cold, requires no heat energy and is environmentally friendly. 

  11. 1991

    Presence in Moscow

    Establishment of the joint-venture company Möllers Intertec, Moscow.

  12. 2005

    Development of HSA-Vario

    Development of the automatic transverse stretch hooder HSA-Vario; market leadership in the field of palletless wrapping technology.

  13. 2009

    Mourning for Richard Birkenfeld

    Death of long-time managing director and owner Richard Birkenfeld. The company remains family-owned.

  14. 2011

    Presentation of PHS

    Market launch of the worldwide innovation 2in1 PHS series which combines highest quality palletizing technology with high-performance transverse stretch-hood technology.

  15. 2014

    Full Line. High Quality.

    Presentation of the “Full Line. High Quality concept“ at interpack 2014 which offers the customer individual total solutions with products from a single source. 

  16. 2015

    The process control system PRODUCAT®

    The Möllers Group introduces with PRODUCAT® a trendsetting, efficient and user-friendly process-control system which, thanks to a simplified visualizing program, guarantees maximum security in its operation – and thus forms the perfect solution for steering and control of the Full Line.

  17. 2016

    Opening of the Möllers Group Academy

    After around nine months of total build time the Möllers Group Academy commences its training operation in June. The Möllers Group Academy offers customers, business partners and its own competence team an ultra-modern equipped seminar area for theoretical learning covering around 1250 sqm. In the adjacent machinery workshop practical implementation of the knowledge learnt takes place on the world's only palletless line on a production scale.

  18. 2017


    As a pioneer the Möllers Group presents a universally functioning machine which at the push of a button and at maximum speed, wraps packs with pallet, with slip-sheet as well as without pallet – as 2-Way and as the patent pending 4-Way palletless pack. At interpack: Presentation of HSA Vario with its patent pending film-end ejection device. 

  19. 2018

    Sale of the company's affiliate GREIF-VELOX

    Maschinenfabrik Möllers GmbH is focusing on its core business the high-performance Full Line and sells GREIF-VELOX Maschinenfabrik GmbH/Lübeck. 

    That's what winners look like! 

    The 4-Way pack: nominated for the "ACHEMA Innovation Award" in the category "Wrapping- and Filling Technology". Readers of the trade magazine “cav chemie anlagen verfahren“ and “Prozesstechnik online“ vote the palletless shipping unit the Top-Product of the Year 2017!

  20. 2021

    Takeover by Arodo Group and rebranding

    Following the takeover by the Belgian Arodo Group and the associated rebranding, the former Maschinenfabrik Möllers GmbH now operates as Möllers Packaging Technology GmbH (MPT).

  21. 2023

    Relocation to Oelde

    The plans are in place: Möllers Packaging Technology is moving in 2024 - from Sudhoferweg in Beckum to the "Oelde A2" industrial park in Oelde. With a modern and efficient company headquarters, processes and a positive outlook for the future will be strengthened.



    Möllers Packaging Technology (MPT) presents the new HSB-2600 form-fill-seal system at Interpack in Düsseldorf. With a patented bag compacting system and K-Seal corner sealing, MPT is setting standards in the high-speed packaging sector with this bagging system. With this trade fair appearance, MPT is strengthening its influence as a full-liner in the packaging industry and demonstrating its presence.

  22. 2024

    Moving to Oelde

    On January 29 in 2024, Möllers Packaging Technology (MPT) officially moved to its new headquarters in the "Oelde A2" industrial park in Oelde, Germany. With this strategic decision, MPT takes a significant step towards future. 

    Möllers Packaging Technology is now located under the following address:

    Möllers Packaging Technology GmbH
    Rosalind-Franklin-Straße 2
    59302 Oelde, Germany