Economic and precise filling systems

Filling with constantly high accuracy

As a total systems specialist the Möllers Packaging Technology offers precise filling technologies for all industries. The complexity of filling processes is high: Varying bulk densities and flow characteristics demand constant, precisely functioning systems for the overall process of dosing, weighing, filling and sealing.

Reliable gross- and net weighing

Our design team selects product-independent the optimum filling technologiesof above average efficiency: At their disposal are gross- and net weighing. The dosing method  and conveying technology determine the degree of automation. 

Precision solutions for dosing and weighing

With the extremely adaptable dosing- and weighing devices the Möllers Packaging Technology offers precision solutions for each filling process. When it comes to weighing devices a choice is made between two scale types:
The net weigher weighs the product prior to filling. The gross weigher doses the product directly into the bag.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Great economy
  • Continuous quality control
  • Centralized control of the filling machines
  • Clearly-presented operation
  • Legal-for-trade weighing technology
  • For weighiung ranges from 12,5 to 2000kg
  • Suitable for most varied products
  • Tailored configurations
  • Filling machines of modular design
  • Worldwide leading filling technology

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