Functions at an easy-to-observe height: PFS 

The PFS palletizer is perfectly suited for situations with limited, low room height.

PFS with its own character 

PFS machines are configured from self-supporting-designed modules which accomplish the palletizing process at an easy-to-monitor height close to floor level. The typical throughput rates make the PFS palletizers also attractive for facilities with smaller palletizing-material volumes. If capacity needs increase, thanks to exchangeability and retrofitability, floor-level modules also grow with them. PFS palletizers can be flexibly adapted to confined-space environments.

Multi-Palletizer: Pallet change by layer 

PFS machines which have been expanded into multi-palletizers make it possible to palletize several, different types of materials alternately on several pallets. The material to be packed is collected on dust belts and retrieved in layers for palletizing. Multi-palletizers consist of  standard-modules as well as of a special module, the pallet change shuttle, which brings the pallet due for loading into the loading position. 

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Your Benefits

  • Individual composition through modular design 
  • Low level product feed
  • Space saving design without additional maintenance platform
  • Up to 1200 bags/hour
  • Stable packed-goods stack / any desired pallet format
  • Low energy consumption

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Technical details

Technical Data

  • Standard-Pallet capacity: 200 to 1200 bags/hour depending on model and layer pattern (Special configuration gladly possible on request) 
  • Typical pallet formats: preferably 800 x 1200mm, 1000 x 1200mm, 1100 x 1300mm 
  • Typical palletized goods formats (bags): preferably 600 x 400mm, 800 x 400mm, 650 x 430mm, 690 x 460mm

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