Full Line additional equipment

In the well-considered equipment options the decades' long experience of the Möllers Packaging Technology in the Full Line field is demonstrated. Equipment options meet product-specific challenges and are particularly indispensable in the field of bag palletizing.

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Bag-breakage checking

Checking of the bags for  impermeability 

Metal detector

To check the bag contents for metallic contamination

Bag check-weigher

Checking of bag fill-weight/standard deviations/mean value display/preparation of statistics


marking and labeling of the individual bags/application of barcodes with manufacturing data

Bag reject station

Rejection of incorrectly filled or contaminated bags

Bag-flattening station

For even distribition of the product in the bag

Glueing device

To stabilize especially unstable bag contents or high bag stacking

Flap turner / dual turning-belt

For layer formation

Board applicator / Film applicator

Protection of the load's underside against dirt and wetness

Possible employment of the label applicators

Marking and labeling of the load unit/application of the barcode with manufacturing data

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