Flexible and high-performance: Articulated robots

Articulated robots from the Möllers Groupimpress with their high manoeuvrability, high performance and flexibility. Each articulated robot operated with a gripped specially designed for the application.
Articulated robots score points with absolute adaptability and high manoevrability and are programable for multi-level application within production. At a glance – the gripper devices from the Möllers Group:

  • Bag gripper 
  • Suction gripper
  • Vacuum gripper
  • Double- and multi-gripper
  • Combi- and change gripper

Your Benefits

  • Flexible adaptation to articulated robot
  • Simple and clear programing
  • Long gripper farm for long ranges 
  • Outstanding Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Suitable for: Pallet change and different container types
  • Optimized for swift point-to-point movements
  • Infinate layer patterns

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