As the Möllers Packaging Technology we face up to our economic, ecological and social responsibility very much aware of our responsibility and with farsightedness. We are convinced that this is the basis for long-term economic success for our customers and our company.

Economic Sustainability

  • Our approach “Total Cost of Ownership“ helps us to save our customers millions each year
  • Palletless technology
  • Universally-operating system: Packs with pallet, with slip-sheet as well as without pallet
  • 2in1 combi-machine: Palletizing plus load security
  • Retrofit measures


Ecological Sustainability

  • Further development of films; including a high proportion of recycled content
  • Less energy-, space-, material- and fuel consumption during transport and packaging
  • EUMOS member: Optimizing good transport through stretch hooding 
  • Möllers Packaging Technology Academy: Inclined test bench documents tests on shape- and tipping stability of loads 
  • Seminar offers for customers, partners and in-house teams in the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy


Social Responsibility

  • Corporate commitment in the region
  • Health- and work protection
  • Certifications
  • Training and further education