Upgrades & Retrofit

The Möllers Packaging Technology is equipping the future for existing plants: our teams analyze the current situation and offer retrofit packages in order to increase reliability and production and exploit the full potential of the Full Line.

4.0-fresh revitalisation for your plant

The knowledge from more than 65 years of total plant construction and the latest research results from the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy increase the overall performance of the plant - with retrofit packages that include upgrades for software, mechanical components, electronic components and the targeted training package.

Adaptation to modern production requirements

The more complex a plant, the more meaningful concrete modernization measures are. In the retrofit of the Möllers Packaging Technology, outdated components are replaced by new functions and assemblies.

Special Retrofit Solutions

Our service promise for you!

The Möllers Packaging Technology is there for you! With our Premium On-Site Service or by remote via the internet.

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