The right film

With a view to the future we are already developing today – in collaboration with leading film manufacturers – painstakingly tested shipping units which convince through security, economy and environmental compatibility. On this basis we give  recommendations on optimum film for each respective product – and verify film utilization with expertise on optimum stability and ideal stretch behavior. Here we also employ films with a high recycled content for stretch hooding.

Transport security and packaging

Within the framework of a sustainability strategy, Möllers is committed to an environmentally-aware and resource-conserving mindset in the areas of transport security and packaging as well as when planning and carrying out transport. Through lowered energy-, space-, material-, and fuel consumption ecological aspects are taken into consideration.

Through efficient logistics we want to effectively reduce the environmental impact of our transport in global freight traffic. For this reason we also oblige our hauliers and freight forwarders to employ futuristic, environmentally-caring technology.

The possibility of climate-neutral transport is one of the criteria for awarding transport contracts. 

Accident prevention through load security and, as a result, the avoidance of environmental damage, is monitored and documented according to our DIN ISO 9000 in shipping procedures.

When selecting our transport subcontractors in sea freight we work exclusively with shipping companies which already today feel bound to IMO 2020 and employ fuel with a sulfur content of maximum 0.5%. With the legally prescribed implementation of the regulation the ecological footprint of our exports will improve once more.

In the area of machinery packaging we strive for best possible utilization of available  load space.

Multi-trip packaging is used as often as possible. In export packaging our machines are exclusively packaged and prepared for transport in wood thanks to renewable raw materials. 

In order to keep packaging as environmentally compatible as possible, we package exclusively according to HPE packaging norms. It is important to us that procurement and raw materials cover a transport route which does not sustainably, negatively influence the ecological balance of our products. Local procurement, also for quality reasons, is important to us.

With the AEO-C certification Möllers furnishes the verification of specialist knowledge and greatest care regarding compliance with customs-law related regulations throughout international export procedures. In the course of this certification we also feel committed to the ecological footprint of our products and our services. 

Safe roads – efficient transport

As a member of the Organisation European Safe Logistics Association (EUMOS) the Möllers Packaging Technology, with efficient stretch hooding, creates the basic prerequisite for  secure goods transport. A contract which helps prevents accidents, as load security is an important contract for the fulfillment of traffic safety. Moreover, costs reduce when products arrive at the destination reliably and undamaged.

Test series in the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy

The Möllers Packaging Technology Academy is service-, technology- and research site. In order to secure loads sustainably on transport vehicles, the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy team performs test series in order to verify suitability of the stretch hood units and to derive security recommendations. An inclination test bench simulates a truck load surface. Here, tests are performed and documented regarding shape and tipping stability of loads. 

Train. Test. Research.

Möllers Packaging Technology Academy offerings have a sustainable effect: Operating- and maintenance personnel trained on the full line optimizes availability, performance and quality of the systems and components. Seminars set priorities regarding material consumption, operating competences and professionality in maintenance. At the same time they set a focus on prevention concepts as well as independent fault detection and elimination. The result: annual savings potential in the millions for the customer.

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