Maximum performance for the bulk material industry

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The World-Class Performance Strategy of the Möllers Packaging Technology: Operational cost savings for filling, palletizing and wrapping of bulk materials.

World Class Performance Strategy for maximum performance in the bulk material industry

Möllers Packaging Technology: Consistent optimization of the Full Line

The Möllers Packaging Technology does not provide a theoretical promise for economic success on the part of the customer - but provides tangible proof of how complex problems are identified, processed and resolved on behalf of the customer. The world-class performance strategy unites man and machine in harmony with resources. Specifically, when filling, palletizing and wrapping of bulk materials of any kind, considerable operating costs can be saved. The Möllers team gives concrete application examples for the Dortmund SOLIDS from 7th and 8th November in Hall 5, Stand J04.

Whether raw, intermediate or finished products: bulk goods must be stored, dosed, weighed, transported and securely packed. The complexity of filling operations is high: different bulk densities, flow properties and viscosities always require precisely working equipment for the entire process of dosing, weighing, filling and sealing.

Since 1952, the Möllers Packaging Technology has been building a Full Line. High Quality. The company from Beckum in Westphalia has been writing a success story for over 65 years with machines and systems for material filling, palletizing, wrapping and loading.

The Möllers Packaging Technology, in constant dialogue with the customer, offers an ongoing optimization process to continuously improve machine performance. This success is based on the holistic approach of "Total Cost of Ownership", with which plant operators can save tens of millions of euros every year.

In line with the high standards of internal, continuous improvement, the Möllers Packaging Technology has redefined the "Premium Field Service" as a product with globally leading, unequalled high technical standards. The Premium Field Service is supported by 5 strong pillars with the core themes of system efficiency, targeted training, quality standards, planned maintenance and continuous improvement. The implementation of the tasks in these areas leads to considerable performance increases and thus to savings in the millions.

To achieve maximum performance along the Full Line in the long term, the Möllers Packaging Technology, for example, offers a measurement and optimization tool that precisely measures, evaluates system efficiency and identifies potential losses: PRODUCAT®II. There, for example, the consumables, the cost of operation and the cost of maintenance are placed in relation. PRODUCAT II actively searches for fault sources and records them in a log.

In addition, the Möllers Packaging Technology endeavors to enable the operating and maintenance personnel to independently recognize errors, to assess them correctly and to operate the plants professionally. The Möllers Packaging Technology Academy offers customers, business partners and their own competence teams a state-of-the-art seminar area for theoretical learning on a total area of ​​around 1250 square metres. In the adjoining workshop follows the practical implementation of what has been learned on the Full Line.