Flexibility, maximum performance and security: the PSH-Vario 

The PSH-Vario impresses with secure shipping units, simple handling and low film consumption.

Universal technology (PSH-Vario) 

We make the future: with a universally functioning system which palletizes packs at the touch of a button – on pallet, with slip-sheet as well as without pallet – and wraps according to the proven counter-hood stretch-technology.

Your Benefits

  • Greatest system flexibility: Palletizing on pallet, with slip-sheet as well as without pallet
  • Absolute flexibility in production 
  • Optimization of storage, also of high-bay
  • Proven stability: Transport-Simulations at the Fraunhofer Institut confirm the greatest transport stability of the patented palletless shipping units
  • Significant cost saving through eliminated pallet logistics 

Technical images

Paketizing process without pallet

Packgut gestapelt.

Sockelfolie aufgelegt.

Wahlweise: Überzug zweiter Folie im Folgeschritt.

Innenhaube übergezogen.

Pack turned 180º. The top layer now forms the pack’s base.

Wahlweise: Konterhaube übergezogen, für höchste Stabilität und Wetterfestigkeit.

Paket ist versandbereit. Paketabnahme.

A packing connection!

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