OEE: Sustainably optimizing systems

The OEE key indicator is the core building block for optimization and is composed of the multiplication and analysis of the factors availability, performance and quality of a system. OEE creates the means to present fault sources on equipment, to introduce optimizations, to guarantee sustainable process stability and to exploit newly occurred potentials.   

Achieve the Full Line ideal

As a tool of OEE calculation the measuring- and optimization tool PRODUCAT® from the Möllers Packaging Technology set a benchmark for the line with the theoretical ideal for the system. The visualization program controls the Full Line, measures plant efficiency and defines loss. OEE is applicable to individual systems of the Möllers Packaging Technology as well as of the entire line.

Your Benefits

  • Reads production data from entire plants
  • Creates transparency
  • Considers process quality and captures consumables
  • Identifies shutdown periods
  • Raises optimization potential in manufacturing
  • Reduces costs

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