Successful ACHEMA balance sheet

Trade fair presence

At the end of a successful ACHEMA, Rudolf Maatz, Head of Sales, is proud of his new young sales team, which passed the acid test at ACHEMA with flying colors.

Large orders and trendsetting construction initiatives

Excellent conclusion at the close of ACHEMA

On the first day of ACHEMA, Rudolf Maatz, Head of Sales at the Möllers Packaging Technology, announced a major order from the Middle East.
Looking back at five days of the fair, Rudolf Maatz draws an excellent conclusion: "A great success and testament to the new design efforts, our ongoing service offensive and the internal restructuring measures are being perceived positively by our customers."

Together with our Saudi Arabian representative, Golden Wing Est., we were able to sign a further major order in the Middle East. Likewise, we have registered further international orders with our cooperation partner Windmöller & Hölscher.

Rudolf Maatz is proud of his new, young sales team, who passed the acid test with flying colors at ACHEMA: "The Möllers Packaging Technology team succeeded in transmitting the positive spirit of optimism to our guests - and this, coupled with our impressive products, contributed to the excellent result! "

The hourly live show with the futuristically staged HSA Vario, which was always tightly packed in the show section, proved to be a real crowd-puller.

The new, future-oriented design concepts impressed - they ensure a significant reduction in throughput times in manufacturing and score points with additional figures such as first-aid kits.
The highly anticipated, user-friendly process control system PRODUCAT® also impressed with the live presentation: thanks to a simplified visualization program, it guarantees maximum operational safety - including an inspection report and the initial definition of critical spare parts.

"We were able to underpin our position as technology leader", underlines Rudolf Maatz and confirms the tendency of the 31st International Trade Fair for the Process Industry, which announced "an excellent atmosphere and good numbers".

The slogan "Purple - The Color of Innovation", under which the Möllers Packaging Technology based in Beckum, Westphalia presents itself, is equally a promise of guarantee and a contract for Maatz: "From here on in, we will take a further decisive step towards the future and service orientation with the new Research and Development Center at the Beckum site: Beckum is strengthened as a central service, technology and research facility as well as a sustainable production site of machinery and total solutions for filling, palletizing, wrapping and loading.