High load stability by shrinking 

The Möllers Group machinery program with its FSA plus shrink frame offers a secure solution to pallet security with low intrinsic stability. The shrink-film hood is drawn over the goods stack extending under the pallet. 

To shrink fit, the film is heated by a downstream shrink frame. This shrink frame is heated either by gas or electrically.

Automatic film change enables uninterrupted operation 

In FSA II and FSA Ill form the machines can utilize two to three different film types with automatic change. Uninterrupted operation also with cost-saving thin shrink film  is a unique characteristic of Möllers Group FSA-machines.

FSA-Combi: shrinks perfectly and needs little space

The Möllers Group tubular film covering-and shrink machines (model C-FSA) consecutively and instantly perform the covering and shrinking of the hood in a single machine unit. They can be operated employing gas as well as electrical heating and process up to two film sizes.

Your Benefits

  • Low energy consumption
  • Contra-laminar system 
  • Optional pallett-undershrink
  • Gas- or electrically heated as desired
  • Superb load stability 
  • Flexibly employable for most varied packed goods, pallet- and film types.
  • High throughput figures (up to 150 pallets/hour) 
  • Low film consumption

Technical details

Technical Data

  • Shrinkable stack formats: preferably 800 x 1200mm, 1000 x 1200mm, 1100 x 1300mm
  • Max. height of the pallet loads: 2800mm
  • Shrink film thicknesses: 60-200µm
  • Covering capacity: up to120 pallets/hour

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