Patented film-end ejection device

The HSA-Vario with dual head promotes time saving and security with its new, patented film-end ejection device. In parallel tubular film – also in various film dimensions – are available.

HSA-Vario D: simple maintenance

The HSA-Vario enables automatic film change during operation of the machine. Changing the film-roll and removal of the film-end are performed outside the danger zone of the machine and simplify maintenance work – downtime is eliminated.

Your Benefits

  • More safety for operating personnel
  • Dual head: Readying of two film sizes or of tubular films with different imprints
  • Goods of different varieties can be packed in one machine with automatic film change 
  • Films of all types are employable 
  • Automatic film change with film-end ejection device is performed outside the machine's danger zone
  • Film-change downtime is eliminated
  • Higher availability of the entire line
  • Optimum stretch geometry

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Technical images

Automatic film change

For example, two different films for different load units or a combination of load securing and dust protection

With the same film, the dual-head version allows automatic film change

Easy operation by lowering the upper bobbin to floor level

A packing connection!

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