PSH: extremely stable, palletless shipping units

With palletless technology only 40% of usual wrapping costs apply. The palletless pack can be universally employed in core industrial sectors.

PSH-1 (1 HSA)

The complete line with HSA and pack turning device – the pack is reversed to finalize the stretch process. Capacity: up to 40 packs/hour. 

PSH-2 (2 HSA)

Maximum performance with time-saving is offered by the  PSH-2 with two sequential stretch-hooder machines between which the pack turning device is located. Capacity: up to 100 packs/hour.

Your Benefits

  • Perfect transport unit even for long export routes
  • Subjected to inertial forces, the palletless pack is more stable than the variant with pallet.
  • Maximum economy: Only 40% of the usual wrapping costs apply
  • Effective product protection from contamination and theft 
  • Transport-stable and watertight 
  • High load flexibility: Optimization of truck logistics
  • Low energy consumption
  • Pallet costs and complex logistcs are eliminated
  • Environmentally friendly: The film load unit is completely recyclable

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Technical details

Technical data palletless line

  • Pack dimensions petrochemcals: material-dependent, up to B 1100 × L 1300 × H 1920mm 
  • Pack dimensions building materials industry: material-dependent, up to B 1000 × L 1200 × H 1170mm 
  • Pack dimensions fertilizer industry: B 800-1200 x L 1200-1400 × H 1000-1400mm 
  • Pack weights: up to 2.2t 
  • Film densities: 80-140μm 
  • Packing capacity: 40 to 100 packs/h


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  • EP 2248722 counter hood stretch II
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  • EP 16194389.9 Palletless, 4-Way load unit

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