Conserve the environment and save costs: the 2-Way palletless shipping unit 

The pallet is no longer needed: the patented palletless shipping unit system, awarded as environmentally friendly and economical, presents itself as a convincing counterhood stretch system - in which the film itself is shipping unit, transport security device and weather protection. One of many active contributions to actively protect the environment and save costs for the customer.

Your Benefits

  • Maximum transport stability and water resistance
  • Perfect transport unit, even for long export routes
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • The time-consuming and cost-intensive logistics for empty pallets is eliminated.
  • Pallet costs no longer apply, the film load unit is completely recyclable and thanks to its reduced CO2 emission, accounts for a positive "carbon footprint".

Technical images

Paketizing process without pallet

Packed materials stacked.

Base film overlay.

Optional: Overlay of a second film in a subsequent step.

Inner hood overlay.

Pack turned 180º. The top layer now forms the pack’s base.

Optional: Counter hood overlay, for greatest stability and weather resistance.

Load unit is ready for shipment. Load unit inspection and approval.

Layer formation

A packing connection!

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