Allco Finishing becomes part of the group

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The group of companies around Möllers Packaging Technology and Arodo is growing. The latest member is the Belgian powder coating company Allco Finishing. An acquisition that brings additional technical competence and value creation.


Integration with potential

Allco Finishing is a healthy, thriving company that has focused on powder coating heavy and large components for machine builders since 2002. This niche remains the core business of Allco Finishing, which continues to operate independently for its own customer portfolio.

Joost van Aaken, CEO of the group: "We see a lot of potential in the activities of Allco Finishing. Metal surface treatment is a specialized field. Therefore, Arodo has been working with Allco Finishing for many years as a partner for powder coating of packaging machines. We started talks when we learned that the current managing director was looking for a buyer. The site is located in the same industrial area of Arodo's production hall and administration building in Arendonk, Belgium. The company's philosophy of long-term partnerships is fully in line with ours, and we are happy to be able to add their technical knowhow to our group today. It is a valuable expansion."

The biggest advantage for the group is the possible chain integration. Not only for the sister companies, but certainly for all other customers of Allco Finishing. By tuning the operations even better through digital techniques, they will be able to give the customer better insight into the status of their products in the future. Vertical integration allows the team to increase efficiency and reduce integral lead times.

A strong group

After Möllers Packaging Technology joined the group in 2021, Allco Finishing became the third company in the alliance. The three members - Möllers Packaging Technology, Allco Finishing and Arodo - are currently in a process of group development.

"Working together strengthens us, and the future looks bright."

Nothing will change for Allco Finishing's customers and employees. The future outlook is diverse, with the delivery of the highest quality and best customer service being the most important factors, along with modern business practices. Although the owner of Allco Finishing, Jules Marien, will remain with the company for a few more months, Rudy van Loon will take over the day-to-day management with immediate effect. Rudy van Loon has many years of experience and knowledge as a manager within the industry.

However, the group is not only growing by merging companies: "We are constantly looking for new talent and welcome new employees with a wide range of profiles."

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