The Möllers Packaging Technology: technological pioneers in the packaging industry

Intelligent packaging systems with a digital, "central nervous system" make it possible to offer integrated and flexibly configurable total packaging stations integrated into the ERP system. Due to their adaptability to different packaging requirements of variable production processes in multi-product lines and thanks to their high capacity capabilities, they offer a significant added value advantage over non-integrated packaging solutions. Significant process improvements in terms of productivity (+40%), consumables (-15%) and maintenance costs (-20%) can be achieved here.

Outstanding innovations with economic advantage

Developing the perfect high-performance machines and integrating them into the customer's production concept is one of the core businesses of the Möllers Packaging Technology. State-of-the-art: The polymers packaging line - as a universally functioning system that palletizes and wraps at the touch of a button with pallet, slip-sheet as well as without pallet according to the counterhood stretch technology.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) für die Verpackungsindustrie

The processes within the Full Lines are flexibly controlled, stored and evaluated by the MES system. It generates the production data and enables the consistent optimization of the processes. With the intelligent MES management system, the customer has his entire lines in the areas of filling, palletizing, wrapping along with the production and consumption figures in view at all times.

The data management system forms the central interface between production systems and the higher-level ERP system.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Packaging

The challenge

  • Uninterrupted processing of various orders
  • Different products within a complex production process
  • The specification of orders is provided by ERP
  • Possible minimum order quantity of 1 piece (1 pallet stack / 1 big bag)

The solution - the digitization of strategic goals

  • MES provides a digital reflection of the production process
  • Optimal execution of order processing in the complex production process
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