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Full Line. High Quality.

Individual solutions which are specially tailored to your sector. Total solutions which guarantee economic, smooth-running process flows. Quality which is not only first-class, but offers everything you need – and all from a single source. The „Full Line – High Quality“ Möllers Group concept represents this every day worldwide in a thousand applications.


Success down the whole line ...

Möllers Group unites the most important capabilities of all usual sectors under one brand.  

  • from advice, planning and design, through plant and machinery 
  • to logistics, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and service,
  • for the entire Full Line plant and machinery 
  • spanning filling, palletizing, packaging and loading
  • as individually conceived single units or complete process line.


        ... meets quality with security.
        We know: all established sectors demand an extreme degree of attentiveness and precision of its participants.

        As an experienced partner to all established sectors we support you with the same degree of sense of responsibility which characterises your daily work.


        We help you to maximise machinery lifetimes within the entire filling, palletizing, packaging and loading process for greater economy across the entire process line. 

        Customer-oriented, rapid to respond and flexible:

        We’re glad to be there for you!