FFS (Form, Fill and Seal): Produce, fill and seal in one machine

Three dimensions - Produce, fill and seal - unite the FFS. The integrated weighing device guarantees exact filling results.

FFS for free-flowing products

With a broad spectrum of Form-, Fill- and Seal-filling systems (FFS) for bulk solids and liquids the Möllers Packaging Technology has been meeting the special needs of core industries. 

The FFS systems first produce the bag from endless PE tubular film in the desired length which is cut, filled  and furnished with a sealed seam. 

Your Benefits

  • High performance / wide range of fillable bulk solids   
  • Maximum packaging material cost savings
  • High capacity range up to 2600 bags /hour 
  • Simple system loading with tubular film in roll form
  • Corner welds produce a square base 
  • Infinite bag length adjustment 
  • No additional bag magazine 
  • Permanently secure bag-gripping
  • Low space requirement   

Technical details

Technical Data

  • Capacity range up to 2200 bags/hour
  • Infinite bag length adjustment 

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