Why chop down forests – there are alternatives!

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Multiple awards: palletless shipping units

55,000 trees have to be cut down to produce 720,000 empty pallets. Exactly this number is needed to transport one million plastic granules. And even that is still not enough exploitation of nature: The trees are processed into around 25,000 tons of sawn wood, which in turn is transported with 1750 trucks - the empty pallets made of it are shipped in 1000 40' containers for worldwide freight traffic and then make their way to their destination - often across the world’s oceans.

We eliminate the pallet!

With each award we see ourselves vindicated! As a pioneer, Möllers already impressed in 1973 with the forward-looking idea and a prototype to replace the pallet as a pallet load carrier with film. Since then, the patented, environmentally friendly and economical system of the palletless shipping unit presents itself as a counter hood stretch system - in which the film itself is the load carrier of the shipping unit, transport protection and weather protection.

Applicable to all industries

Whether fertilizers, building materials or chemical / petrochemical industry: The palletless pack can be universally used in core industrial sectors. The pack configuration is individually adjusted to bag size, weight and shipping method. The counter hood stretch pack proves its numerous advantages in countless systems worldwide and is superior to conventional pallet loads: robust against environmental impact or theft, optimally transportable and storable, cost-effective and energy-saving.

By the way: In the case of palletless technology, only 40% of the usual packaging costs are incurred. In addition, it has an up to 5.5% higher utilization rate in 40’ containers.

Optimized handling

The Möllers Group further developed the palletless 2-way pack to the 4-way pack. The new 4-way palletless pack allows pick-up by forklift truck from all sides, thus optimizing combined transport of sea, rail and truck freight in global freight transport.