Möllers Group presents Full-Line concepts at EGYPS in Cairo.

Trade fair presence

Jürgen Meszaros, Area Sales Manager, presented the Möllers Group for the first time at EGYPS in Cairo, the international trade fair for oil and gas and the leading trade fair for the North African and Mediterranean regions. At center stage of the presence were high-performance machines for palletizing and wrapping.

Satisfied existing customers such as SIDPEC, Egypt Co. or the Petrochemicals Corporation (TPC) traditionally rely on the trendsetting full-line concepts of the Möllers Group and visited the exhibition stand. In conversations with customers from the petrochemical and chemical industries, in addition to the PLS-C and the HSA Vario, sustainable concepts took center stage, taking into account resource-saving, forward-looking approaches and reduction in operating costs. "A major topic is the palletless shipping units," reported Jürgen Meszaros, drawing a successful conclusion.

The leading trade fair, which took place for the third time, is growing rapidly. Among the 20,000 visitors were guests from neighboring countries: the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. They familiarized themselves with offerings at around 400 booths. The highlights of the fair included the parallel-session congresses. Noteworthy was the presentation of the EGYPS Women In Energy Award - a platform designed to promote and reward outstanding female talent in Egypt, North Africa and the Mediterranean energy sector.