K: new and proven systems along the Full Line

Trade fair presence

Machines from the Möllers Packaging Technology wrap 55m tonnes of polymer granulate per year, confident presence at K.

Möllers Packaging Technology: new and proven systems for filling, palletizing and packing

Strategy partner for the plastics industry

Since 1952 Möllers Packaging Technology has been developing the Full Line. High Quality. Our Full Line systems pack approximately 55m tons of polymer-granulate per annum – this impressive share of the total market speaks for itself. At the trendsetting K plastics fair which takes place from 19-26 October in Düsseldorf Möllers Packaging Technology will be presenting itself as market-leader – with new and proven topics on filling, palletizing and packing in hall 10/ stand 10-B64.

Möllers Packaging Technology, located in Beckum, Westphalia, positions itself - with a unique World Class Performance concept - as strategy-partner for the plastics industry. Experience, specialist knowledge and expertise which are founded on the installation and support of around 3000 installations on the world market.

“Success is at once praise and motivation for us: As a partner to the chemical and petrochemical industry we have a duty to generate sustainable benefits for our customers“, emphasises Dr. Gunther Viswinckel, Chairman of the Board. Greatest priority in this company strategy is the strived-for Economic Success of our customers. This is supported by the unique attributes of Möllers Packaging Technology – bundled in 5 powerful pillars with the core topics of system efficiency, focused training, quality standard, scheduled maintenance and continuous improvement.

Plant efficiency

Full Line. High Quality. Since 1952. With the machines and systems it is Möllers Packaging Technology goal to achieve the highest capacity for the entire range of services from material filling through palletizing and packing to loading. “As plant constructor, dialog with the plant operator is existential for us. We have developed a matrix in order to realize this common goal. We can make efficiency, availability, maximum capacity and quality of the machines measureable and evaluable. This close contact between our specialists and the customer and the knowledge gained in daily manufacturing enable us to raise enhancement potential consistently and to increase economic benefits“, reports Norbert Frenzel, sales manager at Möllers Packaging Technology.

With this unique concept, Möllers Packaging Technology has established itself as a strong sparring partner for the chemical and petrochemical industry. As such, Möllers Packaging Technology has attained pole position when it involves contributing to new strategies for the direct economic success of its customers.

Training/ scheduled maintenance

With the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy, Möllers Packaging Technology is presenting a genuinely unique characteristic on the world market in which 3 million Euro was invested for its implementation in Beckum. “The total solutions of the Möllers Packaging Technology for filling, palletizing, packing and loading are always as good as the people who operate them”, stated Dr. Gunther Voswinckel, Chairman of the Board.

Möllers Packaging Technology Academy offers customers, business partners and the in-house competence team an ultra-modern, fully-equipped seminar facility for theoretical learning covering a total area of 1250 square metres. In the adjacent machinery workshop the practical implementation of the learning takes place on the Full Line.

The Full Line from the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy shows itself to be as flexible as the requirements of the world markets. The latest machine generation is presented in the floodlit workshop – specially-equipped with additional modules which impress with the current developments of Möllers Packaging Technology.

Quality standard

Annual material consumption and maintenance exceed the investment by far. “With the systems our customers acquire the option of being supported long-term and with foresight. Our experts know the route to maximum machinery utilization while consuming minimal energy and resources“, emphasises Frenzel.

Data from over 3000 installations on the world market enable Möllers Packaging Technology specialists to make concrete, verifiable statements to customers on quality of processes as well as the capture and analysis of consumables. In focus are analysis of cost-drivers in manufacturing and data acquisition of consumables along the value-creation chain. “We can define, measure, check these and derive accurate, quality standards and specifications for manufacturers and suppliers. For the customer this leads to concrete savings, potential for multi-digit million sums“, states Frenzel, naming a unique characteristic on the world market.

Continuous improvement

Möllers had already impressed the market in 1973 with its trendsetting idea and a prototype of replacing the pallet as a load carrier with the “pallet“ employing film. Since then the system, awarded as environmentally-friendly and economic, has presented its patented, palletless, counter-hood stretch dispatch unit – in which the film itself is the unit’s load carrier, transport security and weather-protection in one – with around 150 systems installed worldwide. One of many active contributions to the chemical and petrochemical industry, actively caring for the environment and cost-saving for customers. Its flexible configuration makes manufacture of alternative dispatch units possible for varying requirements in worldwide goods transport.

The palletless technology from Möllers bundles greatest demands from the sphere of economy, logistics and sustainability:

  • With palletless technology only 40 per cent of normal packing costs apply. Moreover it has up to a 7 per cent higher utilization rate in 40' containers.
  • Thanks to maximum transport stability and absolute water-tightness the palletless unit can be stored anywhere – as such it is the perfect transport unit even for long export routes.
  • Palletless technology impresses with maximum energy efficiency.
  • Pallet costs fall by the wayside, the film load-unit is completely recyclable and thanks to reduced CO2 emissions, exhibits a positive “carbon footprint“.

In the course of the great demand placed on internal, continuous improvement, Möllers Packaging Technology redefined “Premium Field Service“ as a result of worldwide leading, unachieved high technical standard. Innovative, value-creating ideas and improvement proposals for repair and maintenance are absorbed and implemented in half-yearly meetings with customers.

Combined knowledge of technical and economic questions are incorporated in Early Engineering Management for new plants whose substance is systematically improved and tailored. In this natural order of events the current HSA Vario-Generation impresses after successful re-engineering with technical benefits, more operator convenience and innovative features. One of the latter is the patent-applied-for automatic film changer with film-end diverter.