Individual training concepts

Key elements of operation and maintenance concepts of the Möllers Packaging Technology are the autonomous and scheduled maintenance and the continuous improvement of plant utilization by the operating personnel. In order to achieve this goal - decentralized responsibility for the plant - training of the staff is essential. The qualification must be based on the respective production area; on-the-job training - that's what the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy stands for.

1250 sqm

of space


seminars per year

60 years'

Full Line competence

Flexible training program

The offers from the Möllers Packaging Technology Academy have a lasting effect: Optimally trained operating and maintenance staff optimizes the availability, performance and quality of the Full Line. Seminars set priorities on materials consumption, operator skills and professionalism in maintenance. At the same time, they emphasize prevention concepts as well as independent fault detection and correction. The result: annual savings potential in the millions for the customer.

The Möllers Packaging Technology's complete solutions for filling, palletizing, packaging and loading are always as good as the people who serve them.

Marco Pöpsel, Head of Möllers Packaging Technology Academy / R & D Center


Test and research in a targeted manner: Systematic series of tests

Based on the high level of industry expertise that has grown over 65 years, the Academy's Full Line presents innovative technologies for the production processes, from bagging to palletizing and packaging to load securing. As the only palletless training line in the world, the benefits of this recyclable plastic shipping unit with electromechanical package turning device - as a pack for transport by truck or container - are in addition to proven technologies such as palletizing on pallets. In addition, the palletizing of various products as well as the transverse stretch hood process method with films of all kinds and every dimension are tested. Another plus: All data obtained during these tests is evaluated by the Möllers Packaging Technology in detail, thus defining individual parameters for each application.


Tests with customer products: Your secure solution

As a visionary, the Möllers Packaging Technology defines savings potentials with continuous improvement processes and provides competent answers to your actual needs with tailor-made products, individual packages of measures and sophisticated test series. Experience, specialist knowledge and expertise based on the installation and support of over 3000 references in the world market.

Service-, technology- and research site

The declared goal of the Academy is to bundle these competencies on the Full Line in order to generate sustainable benefits for the customer. We are at your side when you invest in a new machine or Full Line! There, components are rigorously tested for cost-effectiveness in order to meet the highest levels of efficiency. We make a valuable contribution to unburdening our customers with new technologies and designs. So our experienced competence team carries out individual, product-related test runs together with you.

The Möllers Packaging Technology Academy completes our unique offer to secure World Class Performance. 

Norbert Frenzel, Head of Sales